What We Do Best

We get you prepared for investment

Pluribus takes investor preparation from a black art to a proven methodology with navigable steps and measurable outcomes. Entrepreneurs enter investor meetings with the knowledge that their presentation has been tested and is on point, and that their financials punctuate their opportunity and plan. Pluribus builds to fulfillment by working iteratively between the company’s story and its numbers. It is the nexus between them that is the bedrock of a stalwart investment proposition. The Pluribus service approach is crafted to tackle the critical steps of Preparation, Assessment, and Funding as independent but related modules. When addressed from end to end, Pluribus can customize an integrated approach to achieve a more holistic treatment of an entrepreneur’s objectives.

Make your financials bulletproof

Create compelling financials that hold up to scrutiny . . . Visually map the business plan to the financials . . . Revenue building blocks that pass the smell test – bottom-up and top-down . . . Cost component checklist and ratio analysis . . . Achievable and attractive path to growth and profitability . . . Alignment with capital strategy

Is your company plan complete?

Conduct in-depth review . . . Address critical strategic and operational elements . . . Create company navigation map

Get money from groups & crowds

Ask about our cooperation with Keiretsu Forum, the world's largest angel investor network . . . Examine crowdfunding campaign programs – equity, debt, and rewards-based

Nail the investor pitch & confirm it

Data-driven analysis . . . Slide-by-slide content building . . . Optimized messaging & graphics . . . Final presentation: Data-confirmed . . . Multiple investor use case versions

Are you investor ready?

Create video of investor presentation . . . Gather investor community feedback . . . Measure quality of substance and messaging

Real intros to the right investors

Target by industry, stage, geography, and business model . . . Access active network of angels, VCs, foundations, and family offices . . . Extend reach through proprietary resources . . . Hands-on introductions for meaningful connections . . . Guarantee of quality and suitability

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